About Us

Why Tier One?

The answers are both straightforward and verifiable: We can take on almost any embedded system project, and we guarantee our work in writing. Those kinds of assurances are unusual in our business for a reason.

Most service providers do not have the skills, experience, or confidence to make such commitments. Consultants and design firms may be commonplace, but the best ones are exceptionally rare. We are among them.

At Tier One, we have a very unusual combination of skills, resources, and partnerships that enable us to be far more effective than our usual competitor. We also have an institutional purpose and organization which is more precisely directed at the long-term needs of our customers.

The Right Skills

Engineering design firms that claim to offer full service to customers must have a broad range of skills in-house to keep their commitments over time. Tier One's combination of hardware design, software development, and "get-it-out-the-door" product release skills make us very competitive. In the end, it's all about reducing risk for the customer while keeping cost in line. Our skills and experience are perfectly tuned to those objectives.

The Necessary Resources and Tools

We have made significant capital investments, owning the equipment and software necessary to bring the vast majority of embedded systems through the design process. This enables us to move through critical design gates when the schedule demands it, without dependency on rented or borrowed equipment tools. This is not always the case for design consultants and small engineering firms, which depend more on bartered favors than customers would like to know.

A Sense of Purpose

It is our aim to become widely acknowledged as the most capable design services firm anywhere. Providing product development services for embedded systems and mission critical software is not only what we do, it is all that we do. We are committed stakeholders in our company that have chosen our profession deliberately and for the long haul.

Valuable Partnerships

Our stock in trade is our reputation for keeping commitments, getting it right the first time, and otherwise making sound business decisions. These habits have helped us to build excellent relationships within the community of suppliers, manufacturers, and other design firms with whom we work. Those relationships result in lower risks, lower costs, and faster times to market for our customers.