Expert Design Services for Electronics and Software

Tier One provides product development services for custom software and electronics. Our proven team of engineers has built hundreds of products across industries to fulfill the market needs of our clients. Diverse experience helps us to reach solutions quickly and effectively, reducing risks and achieving success where others cannot.


Based in Atlanta, Tier One is an ‘on-shore’ design team consisting of some of the best talent available anywhere. We’ve built the team rapport that is so important to the success of any organization, and our streamlined process leverages our team dynamics to reduce bureaucracy and accelerate time-to-market. Where other organizations throw hordes of unreliable staff at problems, leaving projects riddled with errata and unexpected delays, Tier One applies visionary leadership throughout your project, getting your design right and accounting for future problems before they occur. We bring our very best to your project, and the result is exactly what you would expect.


Whether your organization is looking for technology leadership as you first enter the high tech industry or targeted engineering on problems outside your comfort zone, Tier One has what you need to be successful. Contact us now to find out more.