Engineering Management Services

Customer needs often go beyond an individual design or a self-contained project. In these cases, Tier One has a proven track record of providing extensive engineering management services to small and large businesses.

Engineering Department Services

Many small to medium sized customers retain our services over long periods of time in a succession of new product development projects as business needs dictate. Between new development efforts, an "open channel" is maintained for assistance with ongoing production needs. For these customers, we essentially provide all the capabilities of an internal engineering department.

Large Program Management

Some large customers utilize Tier One's combination of management experience and engineering skills to provide overall program management for major research and development efforts. In these cases, Tier One has provided a single point of accountability for projects spanning multiple facilities and development teams including a variety of engineering disciplines.

Project Oversight

A variety of customers have retained Tier One to provide direct oversight of internal personnel assigned to specific projects. These customers generally need external input to reach objectives on time and on budget while using current internal resources for the majority or even all of the actual development work.

Resource Assessment

Some customers have come to rely on Tier One's engineering management skills to screen applicants for internal engineering positions. We have applied formal grading and screening processes to identify qualified candidates for a variety of technical positions ranging from junior software and hardware engineers all of the way up to Chief Technology Officers.

Our services in this area also include written assessments of existing designs and the performance of internal teams.

Whether your needs relate only to a specific area within a single project or require us to take on more extensive responsibilities, we can help.

Contact Tier One to learn how our technology management services can be of assistance to your organization.