Manufacturing Support Services

Projects don't stop at the completion of design and development. Commercialization requires manufacturing, and Tier One provides comprehensive support services related to manufacturing embedded systems. We have trusted relationships with domestic and international manufacturing organizations, and often assist our customers in finding the right partner for their needs. These include:

  • One-time prototype builds
  • Occasional short runs
  • Continuous high volume production

Of course, proper support of manufacturing actually begins at the outset of the design process. Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) techniques require balancing a wide variety of priorities. Our broad experience helps to make the best trade-offs. Component cost and availability, assembly costs, and testing procedures must all be taken into account and weighed against one another. Tier One has the prior experience to ensure success from a product's first manufacturing run through the end of its life cycle.

Testing and Quality Measurement

Most new product work requires the development of specific functional test applications. As volume increases, additional investments may also be warranted. These include in-circuit testing and even complex quality tracking systems for statistical analysis of return rates and failure modes. Tier One has extensive experience in all of these areas.

Contact Tier One to learn how our manufacturing support services can benefit your organization's next product release.