Embedded Software Development Services

Embedded system and critical host software development capabilities are vital to modern design success. For these categories Tier One provides among the most comprehensive capabilities available anywhere.

End-to-End Capability

Our breadth and depth of experince affords us the ability to quickly produce complex software solutions spanning multiple platforms and networks. A single Tier One project may entail any combination of 8-bit assembly languages, C, C++, C#, custom DSP tools, device drivers, 32-bit operating systems, sophisticated network protocols, SQL databases, and end-user application software. Regardless of the mix, Tier One's experience assures rapid and optimal results.

Embedded System Software

Whether an embedded hardware platform is based on a simple 8-bit microprocessor or a highly sophiscated 32-bit design with many peripheral subsystems, our embedded software development services are second-to-none. They include turn-key delivery of:

   Custom operating systems
   Off-the-shelf operating system adaptations
   Device drivers
   Network communications protocols
   Hardware and service abstractions
   User applications

Tier One has many years of experience in the development of firmware for an enormous variety of designs and micro-architectures. Our customers depend on us to deliver complete, highly reliable embedded system software with rich functionality. Our proven ability to develop every category of embedded software and our quality guarantees assure them that their trust is well-placed.

Critical Host Software

Today's embedded systems are often connected to intelligent PC hosts and web based host software services. These applications include wide area device telemetry, automatic vehicle location, and others. When the software providing these services malfunctions, service suffers, revenue is lost, and customers may even move their business to competitors. For these reasons, this software must be held to a very high standard of performance and stability. Tier One has extensive experience in putting such critical system software into production.

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