Embedded System Design and Development Skills

The best embedded system design and critical system development capabilities are hard to find. Rapid and cost effective development requires a broad set of expert skills and time-tested experience that few organizations - let alone individuals - possess. Tier One has very comprehensive experience in all areas important to modern designs. These include a wide range of design and development skills related to:

   Embedded electronics design
   Embedded software development
   Embedded networking
   Embedded multimedia
   Embedded wireless

The Critical Combination

Particularly valuable is our equally balanced expertise in hardware and software. While most firms specialize primarily in one or the other, it is our equal strength in both that stands out. This combination shortens schedules, reduces design risks, and allows for early cost optimization. These advantages make a difference not just at product introduction, but throughout the long-term life cycle of customer product designs.

Relevant and Comprehensive Skills

When combined, our qualifications create the capability to rapidly conceive, implement, and produce the best systems possible for today's needs.

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