Embedded System Multimedia

More and more embedded systems are reaching the market with multimedia features. Where this was once the exclusive realm of the PCs and set-top devices, applications for embedded multimedia are now exploding.

Tier One began accumulating expertise in this area years ago, developing a significant experience base using many core multimedia technologies. We have, for example:

  • Developed systems using both hardware and software based MPEG 1 and 2 decoders
  • Produced designs using extensive video filtering and scaling, again both in hardware and software
  • Designed dozens of VGA/SGVA/XVGA based graphics systems for non-PC devices
  • Optimized server-side software services for the delivery of MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 streaming to embedded clients

Tier One also brings a signal processing background to our experience in the multimedia field. Our engineers have signal processing education and experience that has been brought to bear on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) projects, complex image transform systems, and stereo camera algorithms. Our DSP experience allows us the freedom to design a completely customer-specific solution in the multimedia space.