Embedded System Wireless

Tier One has implemented a wide variety of wireless technologies in our embedded systems. These range from very simple RF modulation schemes to full 802.11 systems. We have succeeded in this area because wireless systems require combined excellence in electronics design, layout skills, and embedded software. These are all skills that we have in-house.

RF Modulation Systems

Tier One has debugged existing RF networks for our customers, including a 315Mhz simple ASK modulation system for binary bit streams. We took that existing design and greatly improved the robustness by adding a custom filter network and switching the digital side of the system to a Microchip KEELOQ IC. We also have experience in FSK and other modulation techniques.


We have had success in integrating 802.11 modules into embedded systems, using PCMCIA, PCI or other bus connection techniques. Our services have also been requested for a test audit of an in-house system implementating 802.11.

Cellular and Commercial Wireless Networks

Tier One has completed projects using existing cellular and commercial nationwide wireless networks. These include the Sprint telemetry network in a project that used a Novatel Expedite modem. For this effort Tier One did all the electronics and network software. We have also engaged in project to interface to thousands of units over the Mobitex wireless system.