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Kyanite is a Tier One IP product consisting of a baseline Yocto OS build that pre-implements many features necessary in embedded products. Among the OS features included in Kyanite are secure boot, software & data encryption, reliable differential updates, software rollback & recovery, and separation of software and data.

Tier One Gateway

The Tier One Gateway (T1G) is a Tier One IP product of an expandable electronics platform capable of communicating over several different network types. We have validated this product on mobile networks, WiFi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. It serves as a base core platform for adding customer-specific capability or function.

Tier One GNSS Evaluation Platform

Based on the Tier One Gateway, the Tier One GNSS Evaluation Platform uses its expansion slots to host precise Real-time Kinectic (RTK) GNSS sensors. It receives RTK correction data via the Verizon network and makes this data available to software applications on or connected to the platform.

RTK GPS M.2 Module

Tier One offers 2 different RTK GPS modules. One is based on the u-blox ZED-F9 module and the other is based on the u-blox NEO-M8 module.

Both modules fit in the M.2 form factor and may be accessed over the USB interface.

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