Extensible IoT Gateway

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Accelerate time to market for your custom IoT functionality

The Tier One Gateway (T1G) is a highly flexible IoT product base ready to meet your unique device requirements. Built from the ground up for security, extensibility, and correctness, the T1G can be quickly customized to new applications and transitioned into production with timelines that fully custom product designs can only envy. Tier One has already implemented all of the traditional features needed for IoT -- security, connectivity, software management, and user access -- leaving only your unique touch to realize your production-quality device.

Customized to your Unique Requirements

The T1G is specifically designed with customization in mind. Internal M.2 and mPCIe slots allow us to add capabilities to meet your product's needs. If modules aren't already available for your preferred hardware, Tier One can quickly create custom M.2 modules to get you running with production-quality hardware months ahead of fully custom device timelines. When you're ready to ship, Tier One can assemble the complete T1G with your custom configuration and software.

Software Included

The T1G isn't just a hardware device. We've built it with Kyanite inside, giving you a huge head start on your software development. Spend your time worrying about your value-added functionality while Kyanite takes care of your boot process, local and OTA upgrades, and device management tasks.

Connectivity to Spare

No need to guess about your connectivity needs. The T1G goes after them all with built-in Ethernet, USB-A, USB-C, and Bluetooth Low-Energy. Our expansion slots host cellular modems, Wifi, or anything else your deployment requires.

Security Baked In

The T1G was built with the high security requirements of IoT devices in mind. Take advantage of a secure chain-of-trust from boot all the way to your application code. Use our onboard secure element to protect your device identity and cloud secrets. Tier One's security experts stand ready to help you ensure your device follows best-practice security guidelines.


ARM Cortex A5 @ 498MHz
Internal Storage
Extended Storage
1x MicroSD Card
Secure Element
Wired Networking
1x 10/100 Ethernet Port
USB Connectivity
1x USB-A; 1x USB-C (dual-role)
Radio Connectivity
BLE 5.3 (nRF52840); Cellular via mPCIe; Wi-Fi via M.2
Internal Expansion - M.2
1x M.2 E-Key w/ USB, I2C, UART
Internal Expansion - mini-PCIe
1x mini-PCIe w/ USB, UART, I2C, SIM
External Indicators
Additional Internal Peripherals
Temperature, Debug UART, Class D Amplifier, GPIO x4
Additional External Interfaces
2x SMA Antennas, 1x Button
Power Interfaces
12VDC Barrel; USB-C; PoE
Power Consumption
1-3W (typical)
7.1" x 7.1" x 1.9" (180mm x 180mm x 48.5mm)

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