Why Tier One

We know what it takes to guide your technology journey to achieve results that surpass your expectations.


We’ve been doing engineering the right way for nearly 20 years.

Every day, businesses have big ideas for using technology. Just as often, these innovative firms encounter problems turning these dreams into reality—whether it’s an Internet of Things (IoT) device or a circuit board.

Failure is never an option in business but it can be a serious risk for companies trying to implement complex programs without the right engineering talent. That’s where Tier One comes into the picture. When businesses partner with us, they dramatically increase their odds for success.

Our partners enjoy the following benefits:

Tier One quality

We design superior engineering solutions and make sure the work is done correctly from start to finish. Our unique methodology values the details of how a problem is solved and is characterized by robustness, expandability and correctness in all cases.

Timely delivery

With our proven methodology and fixed-fee approach to doing business, our partners can count on going to market on schedule. We get it right the first time, on time and on budget. How? We put in the hard work up front to understand customer problems and come up with bulletproof solutions that avoid costly delays and errors.

Long term commitment

We hold final accountability for our committed responsibilities—not our suppliers or partners or any other third party. We have an extensive track record of performing for customers over the long term and back up our work with commitment, process, and documentation.


We’ve been in business for nearly 20 years and know what it takes to do engineering the right way. We shake out the hard parts of the engineering sooner than most anyone else because of our experience level. Our interest is in the customer’s long-term success, not in running up billable hours.

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